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I had an amazing experience during my stay at Yeshua Haven of Rest. I enjoyed an open heaven atmosphere in worship & prayer. I believe the Lord fulfilled more than my purpose of visiting. Praise the Lord. May the Lord bless the owners and expand the work in their...

Sola Alabi, Lagos

Staying in Haven was a huge blessing. The serenity and the atmosphere is heaven baked. My stay there was such a blessing and so refreshing. Every day I stayed was so rich with inspiration. Haven A place you can retreat, rest and commune with God without distractions....

Odunayo Agboola, Ogba Lagos

My stay at YESHUA Haven Of Rest these 3 days is nothing short of amazing! The Serenity! The Hospitality! The Ambience! The Meals! The Sheer Thought Of Such A Mission! The Untold Sacrifices It Will Entail! It Was Such A Refreshing Experience. Thank You For...

Adeleke Omolayo, Lagos

The two days I spent at Yeshuahaven was great, I was well taken care of and attended to , asides that it was a great place to have prayers , I could pray well and I am grateful to God and the entire team of Yeshuahaven, God bless you

Jesunifemi Ogundipe, Lagos

My stay at Yeshua Haven of Rest was a very timely one. I was told about the place by my friend at a point in my life where every seemed chaotic but I was able to truly find rest at Yeshua. The ambience was impeccable, food was great, my hosts(Mummy , Daddy and Sister...

Mr and Mrs Olatunji, Jos

The reception of the host is much welcoming and comforting. The facility itself is comforting. Everywhere you turn, there is a work of art; paintings, sculptural pieces and scripture. One's mind was completely taken away from work. We feel rested and refreshed. Thank...

Folasade, Lagos

After my stay at Yeshua Haven, I can tell my friend who told me about the place was right. Perfect tplace to be alone with God and to receive from Him. Peace and quiet. And the hospitality is top notch. I'm glad I was able to achieve my aim. God bless Yeshua Haven.

Yeshua Haven of Rest
Yeshua Haven of Rest

Yeshuahavenofrest We had new guests check-in at the Haven today. We spent some time praying, and thereafter, we shared the vision of Haven with our sister. The presence of God came heavily, and our sister said the message was that there was grace in the house and that...

Confessions of A Burnt Out Missionary
Confessions of A Burnt Out Missionary

Confession of a Burn Out Missionary “When we miss the gift of rest, especially Sabbath rest, we miss so much of God,” said Pete Scazzero, author of “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.” In America, being busy and working so hard that you don’t rest is seen as a badge of...

The 7 Types of Rest
The 7 Types of Rest

Did you know that there are 7 types of rest you need? We live in a society that doesn’t know how not to be busy, and as a result, most people have a rest deficit. They are emotionally and mentally burned out. Not getting the right amount and right type of rest...

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