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Stephanie okechukwu




Your Testimony
This place is a Holy Ground
I came here to just spend time with God I didn't come with a specific =
prayer request all I did was just spend time with God that's all I kno=
w I wanted to do and I didn't leave without the testimony so there&#03=
9;s this company that i've applied for a job three times and the roles=
that was given me where the ones I really didn't like so much and for=
some reason they said I didn't qualify for those goals and I was fine=
. one day my flatmates came to me and told me there was an opening for som=
eone to supply food for that same company and I'm a chef so I went to=
apply and they said they're going to call me back it took two weeks p=
lus before they got back to me as God will have it they actually got back t=
o me finally on my last day of my prayer retreat so I came to seek god firs=
t and in turn he blessed me with a job that would literally pay me 3x what=
I initially was paid. so I'm here to return all the glory to him who =
has done this. Amen.

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